A Beautiful Mind and ‘Poet’s Corner’

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This is the article ‘A beautiful mind’, followed by two poems from the ‘Poet’s Corner’, published in ‘The Living Document’ edition Autumn 2010.

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We’re all susceptible to mental health concerns. This is certainly true as we approach the twilight years. But there are steps that we can take to minimise the risks and to keep on living a full and healthy life.


Here are ten ideas to keep your mind alert.

  1. Maintain an active lifestyle: Include stretching and walking in each day’s routine; take the stairs – not the lift; cut the grass and prune the shrubs.
  1. Eat a balance diet We all know the benefits of eating more raw foods and cutting back on fatty and sugary snacks.
  1. Exercise your mind: Sudukos, crossword puzzles, word searches and card games have all been shown to shake up those grey cells. Learning something different – a language or a skill – will also keep the mind agile and alert.
  1. Spend time with other people: Make sure you make the effort to catch up with your friends and to call or to visit people in your family. Making new friends is highly rewarding as well.

5.    Don’t forget to schedule annual checkups with your doctor: Prevention and early detection of health issues can add many quality years to your life.


  1. Be a volunteer: The more we give out, the more we get back. There are mental and physical benefits to this.
  1. Don’t worry; be happy: A positive attitude is linked to good health – and to happy, fulfilling relationships as well. Forgive and forget… and live each day to the full.
  1. Think about buying, and caring for, a pet: Pets can fill the days and hours with companionship and warmth. They’re usually fun to have around and are a source of endless joy.


  1. Fill your life with laughter: Laughter relieves worry and blows the blues the away. It helps us get life in perspective and renews our sense of fun.
  1. Don’t be tooproud, or afraid, to ask for help: We all need support and a helping hand at times.



By D.H. Lawrence


It ought to be lovely to be old

to be full of the peace that comes of experience

and wrinkled ripe fulfilment.

The wrinkled smile of completeness

that follows a life lived undaunted and unsoured with accepted lies

they would ripen like apples, and be scented like pippins

in their old age.

Soothing, old people should be, like apples when one is tired of love.

Fragrant like yellowing leaves,

and dim with the soft stillness and satisfaction of autumn.

And a girl should say:

It must be wonderful to live and grow old.

Look at my mother, how rich and still she is! –

And a young man should think: By Jove

my father has faced all weathers, but it’s been a life!


By Kirsten Bale


The pendulum sways

The piano still plays,

Yet my heart can’t help but break

And my head begins to ache.

The message floats in bold

Of his body growing cold

Lying doomed now to decay

While the sky wears it’s best grey

All the warmth I’d grown to know

Lies frozen deep below

A flaming love snuffed out

Leaving anguish, pain and doubt

The sun has not ceased to shine.

But its radiance is lost in time,

The world, like a stream, moves on,

While my world and my future are gone.

 I hope you found this article and the two poem’s of value.

If you have any questions then remember you can leave these in the comments below, I can also answer any questions you have.


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